About us

Driven by excellence,
on every project.
That is our source of motivation! 

CORSIM is a dynamic and creative company specializing in real-estate development project management.

As your forward-thinking business partner, we are experts in proposing innovative solutions for your real-estate project and guiding you from the earliest stages of project planning to the finished product. We are committed to making your vision a success! 

Corsim offers customized services to support real-estate developers. We continuously grow our team and expand our range of services to meet diverse and evolving objectives.

Our team of professionals is attentive and highly skilled in analysis, estimation, management, supervision, and quality control to ensure the success of your projects.

Nearly 70 employees.

Passionate and dedicated
to their realization.

Directors and
project managers.

Over 35 years professional experience.

Our team

The team is composed of directors and project managers with up to 35 years of experience that are actively involved throughout the process of carrying out mandates, ensuring tight control of budgets and diligent monitoring of deadlines and an execution quality with superior standards well known in the construction industry. These site managers are accompanied by general and finishing superintendents with more than 25 years of experience and equally experimented carpenters.

CORSIM also has a team of accounting administrators freeing you of issuance of payment requests, the payment of subcontractors and suppliers and the monthly issuance of monitoring costs reports with the help of an accounting software established in the industry.

The success of your projects will be assured with this team of around 70 passionate employees dedicated to their achievement.

The associates


President & Co-Founder

Sébastien Mathieu graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Laval in 1995. Since the start of his career, he has managed the construction of over 12,000 housing units. His experience has made him a master of decision-making. With his sense of leadership and persistence, he gets projects moving. Both curious and innovative, he has a knack for finding the best solution based on available resources.

« Your Partner for Every Project »


V.P. Finance and Development

Dynamic, transparent, and result-oriented, Julie Deslauriers has extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate management. With her passionate and resourceful approach, she develops accounting and administrative services for construction projects and structures the business development division to meet developers’ needs.

« Rethinking Management Processes »


Technical Director & Co-Founder

Sébastien Richard graduated from ETS in construction engineering in 2005 and cofounded CORSIM, where he developed his expertise in the refurbishment of historic buildings as well as the construction of new buildings of all kinds—shopping malls, row houses, retirement homes or condo towers. With his experience, Sébastien is a great technical resource, both with wood frames and large concrete structures.

« Ask him, He’ll know! »

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals to work with us. If you have a team spirit and would like to bring your experience to the table to make an impact. Explore our available positions and the benefits of being part of the Corsim team.